Making the latest research accessible to Out of Home Care and Youth Justice Practitioners

The objective of my blog is to make the latest research accessible to Child Protection, Out of Home Care (OoHC) and Youth Justice (YJ) professionals and carers (i.e. referred collectively as ‘Practitioners’). It aims to answer the question of ‘what works’ for families and children involved the child protection and youth justice systems.

The blog promotes accessibility by using plain English, avoiding jargon (especially statistical jargon) and moreover, chunking the research down into ‘bite sized’ bits that Practitioners can read whilst travelling to work on a train or bus, or over their morning coffee.

Who are Practitioners in the child protection, OoHC and YJ systems?

Practitioners in these areas would include the following professionals:

  • Residential care workers/team leaders/supervisors etc.
  • Foster carers
  • Protective workers
  • Program/policy staff in state child protection/youth justice departments
  • Program/policy staff in Community Service Organisations (e.g. Life Without Barriers, Wesley Mission, Berry Street Victoria etc.)
  • Secure welfare staff
  • Teachers and youth workers who work with YP who live in OoHC/YJ facilities
  • Staff at juvenile remand and detention centres
  • Community based YJ staff who supervise YP on a variety of court orders

Other issues

  • Blog posts are typically summaries of articles published in peer reviewed journals.
  • The blog is moderated to ensure that the privacy of clients is NEVER compromised.
  • The blog reflects my operating philosophy, namely that outcomes for young people in child protection and YJ systems will be improved if we implement evidence based programs.

Avoiding Controversy

Child protection and YJ issues are frequently reported in the media and on social media. I will not be blogging on such ’issues of the day’. The objective is to make the latest research available to practitioners – no more, no less. However, I welcome discussion and debate with Practitioners on any research issues discussed.

About Graeme M Baird

  • I am a psychologist who has been involved in OoHC and YJ over the last thirty years. My career spans working as a protective worker, residential care worker, YJ worker, manager of YJ detention centres and large children’s homes etc.
  • I currently work as a psychologist in private practice and at schools for very disadvantaged young people around Australia
  • I run a private consultancy and training company which provides training to frontline staff in OoHC and YJ programs.
  • I conducted Ministerial Reviews into the operations of Melbourne Youth Justice Centre, Parkville Youth Residential Centre and Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre in 2001

I very much look forward to reading your comments.

About graemembaird

I am a psychologist with a special interest in improving the outcomes of families, children and young people in the Out of Home Care and Juvenile Justice systems.
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